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PepsiCo Creates Viral for Tropicana


PepsiCo Creates Viral for Tropicana
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DDB Shanghai Sends Netizens on a Hunt for Tropicana Diamonds

Shanghai, August 8, 2011 – DDB Group Shanghai has launched a new viral video for Tropicana on Chinese video sharing site Youku and microblogging site Weibo that promotes the brand’s new ‘under the cap’ promotion. Tropicana’s new campaign, ‘Have One More Bottle, Love Once More’ (‘再来一瓶,再爱一次’), gives consumers the chance to win a free bottle of Tropicana or for a few lucky ones – a grand prize of a diamond ring. The prizes are printed on the underside of every Tropicana bottle cap.

Themed around the different forms love can take, the viral video depicts the humorous attempts of several diverse couples to win a diamond ring as they drink their way through bottles of Tropicana. Tropicana’s campaign will run through to September. In less than a week after the video launch, it had more than 3 million views and has more than 7.5 million views in total.

The video can be viewed here